About Me


I was born in Iran and have moved quite a few times back and forth between Esfahan and Montreal.

I’m inspired by Persian culture, yet I’m always excited to try new techniques and subjects. Art has been a passion of mine since I could hold a pencil, but I fell in love with watercolour 10 years ago, and I haven’t used another medium since. For 3 years in Iran, I learned different techniques in watercolour with Mr.Ahmad Motie. I’m a McGill Dentistry student and although I can argue that dentistry is an art form in itself, what I study doesn’t have anything to do with fine arts. As you can imagine, among all the books and studying painting has been a gateway for me to enter a colourful world with no limitations.

As of August 18th 2016, I am holding my first solo watercolour exhibition at Café Aunja in Montreal. My work will be on display until mid-September so if you are in Montreal, you can go and see my work!

You might notice that most of the paintings are flower themed. That’s because I love flowers, but I can’t take care of living ones so painting them was the second option… Jokes aside, there isn’t a particular reason behind it other than the fact that flowers makes painting that much more enjoyable for me.